Friday, February 9, 2018

JPM invites envoys to Dodoma. . . Dar pulls out of CRRF programme


PRESIDENT John Magufuli has invited diplomatic missions to move their operations to Dodoma - the country’s capital city.

The Head of State said yesterday that the government has allocated 64 plots for embassies that are ready to move to Dodoma. Dr Magufuli was speaking during the New Year Sherry Party, hosted for Heads of Diplomatic Mission at the State House.

He said that each plot has 5.5 acres and that the government avails the land free of charge for each embassy that is ready to move its operations to the central region. “The Dodoma Municipal Council Director is here with title deeds, we will distribute them for free to embassies that are ready to move to Dodoma,” he said. He added, “I am inviting you to Dodoma, personally, I will be moving from Dar es Salaam this year.”
The Head of State expressed appreciation to the United Nations for opening an office in the capital city in December, 2017. Commenting on the past year achievements, President Magufuli said his government is proud of the attainments it hasregistered in many spheres of endeavours during the past year. He said the government has successfully managed to focus on industrial development policy aiming at building up an industry- based economy.
He added that the government has been working closely with the private sector in the country and that it stands to invite both local and foreign investors to venture for investment opportunities in the country.
“I would like to assure you that Tanzania invites investors: We have been working closely with the private sector in the country. Some people, for their own intentions, have been accusing the government of not supporting or siding with the private sector, please ignore such rumours,” he said. On power generation, Dr Magufuli said the government is continuing to set strategies that will ensure implementation of power generation projects in the country.
He said the state’s goal is to generate 5000MW by 2020. “We are focusing at generating power from natural gas, hydro power project on which the Rufiji Hydropower Project is set to be implemented soon. He said upon completion, the project will be able to generate 2100MW. The Head of State assured the diplomats that the government conducted research to ensure there would be no environmental impact.
“I would like to assure you that there will be no environmental impact in the implementation of the ‘Rufiji Hydropower project,” he said. On supporting refugees, the Head of State said the government has decided to stop the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) for security reasons and poor support from the United Nations.
He said few years ago, Tanzania wrote history by providing citizenship to 150,000 refugees at once and the International Community had promised to support the country with funds. However, President Magufuli said the International Community did not fulfil its promises and instead the government has been advised and encouraged to seek loans to take care of refugees.
He noted that for decades, the country has acted as home to hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and refugees fleeing persecution from their countries. On ship registration, Dr Magufuli said the government has suspended the registration of new ships and has launched investigation on 470 ships.
“Tanzania flagged-ships have been seized several times for carrying illegal goods. We are making a close follow up on the matter, we are investigating all the ships that were registered in the country to establish

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