Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Officials face hell over missing money

FORMER Director General with the National Identification Authority (NIDA), Dickson Maimu
Siha District Executive Director (DED), Mr Valerian Juwal, said here yesterday that he had smelled a rat in connection with how the funds were allegedly spent on teachers’ transfers; purchases of desks and motivation, without any retirement procedure.

Mr Juwal, who is among new DEDs appointed by President John Magufuli, said since he took over the office he had a keen look at several financial aspects. He was informed by different government institutions, including the PCCB about the situation and that he is getting good support in his new job.
At the beginning of screening the expenditure initiated and sanctioned by the officials, it was 10 executives that were being grilled but now Mr Juwal says the number has risen to 16 and he is getting huge support from the office of district commissioner as well.
Allegations facing the staff (names withheld) include failing to authenticate payment of more than 70m/- for transfer of teachers, motivation and procurement of desks; more than 50m/- in relation to 2015 General Election; more than 50m/- earmarked for burning up of the trash emanating from the same election.
He said the suspects were held by Police Force before they were granted bail. He said additional assertions are that there are five electrical generators and motorbike accessories that were taken by some officials during the General Election and transported to unknown locations.
“At the commencement of the exercise it was 10 officials that were being interrogated but as of now there are 16 of them. I discovered that they failed to make retirements and the way I see things, some more staff may be brought in for questioning.
“We want to clean up every kind of decay in the council and after that everyone will be subjected to legal measures as it suffices, said Mr Juwal. The DED said investigation is going on and once is completed some or all would be arraigned.
He said the move is government’s organs agenda to ensure all councils are clean. PCCB Kilimanjaro Head, Mr Alex Kuhanda admitted that his officers were working on the matter. However he declined to go into detail until finalization of the exercise.
Mr Juwal mentioned challenges that he is facing at the office as the council being in debt of motor vehicle fuel, amounting to more than 53m/-.
He said the council itself is at about 38m/- arrears, the district hospital’s at 15m/- while 16 motor vehicles are broken down and need repairs.

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