Saturday, November 30, 2013

Government pledges 300 million in aid to aspiring water development managers

Prof Jumanne Maghembe, Water Minister
The government has pledged 300m/- per year to cover the fees for students who failed to secure sponsorships at Water Development and Management Institute (WDMI).

The effort is geared towards generating many graduates who will conduct research and provide consultancy services for integrated development and management of water resources in the country.

Speaking at the 5th graduation ceremony held in Dar es Salaam at the weekend, Water Minister Prof Jumanne Maghembe said funding for the students will start in the 2013/2014 financial year.

Prof Magembe also said that starting this year, the government will establish a fund which will be added to the ministry’s budget so as to ensure that more than 300 students benefit per year.

He promised that he would collaborate with the WDMI to ensure that students who study at the institute receive quality education.

“The ministry will be sure to collaborate with the WDMI so that students who are not selected for sponsorship get the funds to acquire water development and management studies at the institute,” he said.

He added: “The government will always monitor the institute to ensure that students pursuing their studies there receive quality education so they can later stimulate our country’s economic growth.”

The Don asked the WDMI to use qualified professionals who have completed their studies to conduct research in the water sector so as to identify the problems and be able to rectify them.

For his part, WDMI Board Chairman told the minister that about 144 students graduated in diploma in various courses.

“Our vision is to be centre of excellence for providing technical education and training, conducting research and providing consultancy services for integrated development and management of water resources in Africa,” he said.

Formerly known as Water Resources Institute (WRI), WDMI was established in 1974 as a unit in the Ministry of Water and Energy to meet the needs of middle-level water technicians under the former National massive 20-years Rural Water Supply Programme (1971-1991).

In 1980 the name of the Institute was changed to Rwegarulila Water Resources Institute (RWRI).

The aim of Water Development and Management Institute is to develop and provide expertise required in the water sector through training, consultancy, and research under the policy guidelines of the Ministry of Water.

RWRI invite all prospective students from Tanzania, East Africa, Nile Riparian Countries, SADC countries, other countries in Africa and beyond to apply for admission to studies (long- and short-term) in any of the fields and educational level shown in this prospectus.  

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