Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Oil and Gas exploration on track, says minister

By ABDALLAH MSUYA in Zanzibar 

OIL and natural gas exploration is proceeding as planned, the Ministry of Lands, Water, Energy and Environment assured Members of the House of Representatives yesterday.
Moving her Ministerial budget estimates for the 2018/19 fiscal year, Lands, Water, Energy and Environment
Minister, Ms Salama Aboud Talib noted that currently the government continues with seismic surveys to produce detailed images of local geology to determine the location and size of possible oil and gas reservoirs.
She added that since the seismic survey exercise kicked off last year, 66 sound waves covering a total of 2815.6 km have been recorded for later analysis in Unguja and Pemba coastlines.
The exercise was carried out by BGP explorer. Onshore operations, which usually use specialised trucks that carry a heavy plate that is vibrated to generate a seismic signal, will be conducted within the next eight months, the minister told the House.
She was upbeat over the success of the ongoing exploration, noting that the public will be updated on the progress and results of the survey. She called on citizens to be patient and wait for reliable information on the findings from relevant authorities.
According Ms Talib, currently the Zanzibar Petroleum Regulatory Authority (ZPRA) in collaboration with her ministry and the Isles Attorney General are negotiating with RAKGAS for the exploration in Pemba Block ahead of signing a contract.
She recalled that the oil and gas survey in Zanzibar kicked off last year using airborne full tensor gravity (FTG), a six-week exercise performed by the Bell Geospace Enterprises Company Limited of the United Kingdom.

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